How to Get Started with Online Scheduling

Get Started with Online Scheduling

Learn how to set up Acuity and an Online Calendar | taught by Aerlie Wildy

Are you exhausted by the backwards and forwards emails just to make one client appointment?

Do you need to set up an online scheduling system that takes the hard work out - for you and your clients?

It's time to  SIMPLIFY your scheduling!

Get Started with Online Scheduling

I know you don't have time for tech headaches, so I'm showing you how to set this up.

I know  you want to grow your business, so I've done the hard work (and have made the mistakes) so that you don't have to.

I know  that it's IMPORTANT that you know how to do this, because once you've set this up, you will be able to do SO MUCH MORE - and quickly!

Learning HOW TO do this will empower you further. 

I know that you something has to change, otherwise you will burn out.

I know that you need to know HOW to do this, so that you aren't reliant on someone else EVERY TIME you need to make a change. 

Get Started with Online Scheduling

You will receive:

3 Video Tutorials on
#1 How to set up the FREE version of Acuity
#2 How to customise using the Acuity UPGRADE
#3 How to set up and sync Google Calendar

A New Service and Onboarding Checklist

A Welcome Email template that lets your new clients what to do next

At the end of the training, you will have:

Links you can share for each service you offer

The ability to receive payment prior to bookings made
                  (you will need to set up a Stripe or Paypal account)

A system to follow each time you create a new service

An automated Welcome email and reminders set up

The ability to embed your booking links/buttons on Facebook or your website

Awesome automated customer service - with your personalised touch

Get Started today for $47 (AUD)

I have worked with clients who went from feeling disorganised and overwhelmed, to delegating, feeling organised and saving up to 1-2 hours a day.

My clients felt like their computer and business systems were a complete mess, and after working with me have transformed into feeling calmer, more focussed, and more time to do more of what they love.   

I’ve helped my clients save time, outsource, reduce their overwhelm, serve their clients better, feel more confident, and grow their business.   
It's my zone of genius!  

We had frustrations with some aspects of our systems and knew they weren't effective or efficient as they could be.
Now we have a fantastic, shiny, new online scheduling system we all love, including our clients. 
This has eliminated stress in this area and made us look sleek, efficient and professional.

Lena McRae, Owner, Seated Massage

Get Started today for $47 (AUD)

I found Aerlie because I was disorganised. Emails were a major source of pain, there were no proper systems in our office and I was constantly chasing my tail.

I knew I needed support because I had no clear to do list, I was forgetting to do things, and not delegating to staff.

After working with Aerlie, I am in control of my inbox, I have delegated more work and am more organised. I now have a digital task list and calendar reminders and I have actually started to plan months in advance! I have planned time out to work on content and workshops and no more email overwhelm!

Aerlie is personable and relateable. She will give you a good swift kick and challenge you to really look long and hard at what you actually are doing, instead of making excuses around what you think you are doing.

Sarah Reimann, Owner, Equity Flare

Aerlie Wildy
Aerlie Wildy
Systems and Scaling Business Strategist

Aerlie Wildy is a business designer helping small business and overwhelmed entrepreneurs design and systemise their business to cut through the chaos and create more time and space to implement ideas. 

Aerlie specialises in systems and scaling strategy, and helping busy entrepreneurs get organised.

Her clients have felt like their systems were a complete mess, and they have transformed their days into feeling calmer and focussed and streamlined their business so they can scale and grow.    

She is also an Asana Guru and Certified Evernote Consultant.

Ready to start scaling and leverage your time? Download my free check list

Course Curriculum

Welcome Email
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New Service and Onboarding Checklist
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