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Are you running your business by keeping everything in your head or on a post it note?

Is your marketing 'on the fly', your content inconsistent, and your day to day more about catching up than getting ahead?

Do you need one place to keep all of the moving parts of your business ?

It's time to build your business HQ using Asana.

Build your Business HQ using Asana

I know you don't have time for tech headaches, so I'll show you how to set up your business tasks using Asana.

I know  you want to grow your business, but it still feels like you're trying to get your shit together and keep your head above water.

Once you have your Business HQ set up, you will be

⭐️ more productive, because you will know where to start each day

⭐️ more confident, because you will have a strong foundation for running your business

⭐️ more organised, because all of the moving parts will be in one place

⭐️ closer to outsourcing and systemising your business

I'm Aerlie!

I'm a Systems and Scaling Strategist.

I know how powerful a central operations and task head quarters can be for a business. 

It's like the kitchen in an open plan house - everything happens from there. 

I'll help you create a central place for your planning, projects, marketing, operations so that you can confidently know what's coming up, what the priorities are, and more.

Asana is the perfect tool for solo entrepreneurs but they often too busy and on the go to get it set up and working well. 

Build your Business HQ Using Asana

This is a 5 Day Challenge starting on Monday 26 November, I invite your to join me to set up your Business HQ.

All calls will be 10am Sydney Time

MONDAY 26 Nov: Live Training to set up Asana and the basics 

You'll receive home work every day too!

TUESDAY 27 Nov: Live Training - Project & Time line Set up 

WEDNESDAY 28 Nov: Live Training - My Task Management

THURSDAY 29 Nov: Q&A and Co-working for homework catch up

FRIDAY 30 Nov: Live Training - Advanced strategies + Q&A

By the end of the Challenge, you will have

⭐️ ASANA set up with projects organised

⭐️MY TASKS showing you what's due that day

⭐️ A business HQ foundational framework that you can build on and add to as your business grows

⭐️ A place to capture your processes, 
manage your content,  
prepare to outsource 
or plan your next launch

Register for $39 (AUD)


I have worked with clients who went from feeling disorganised and overwhelmed, to delegating, feeling organised and saving up to 1-2 hours a day.

My clients felt like their computer and business systems were a complete mess, and after working with me have transformed into feeling calmer, more focussed, and more time to do more of what they love.   

I’ve helped my clients save time, outsource, reduce their overwhelm, serve their clients better, feel more confident, and grow their business.   

It's my zone of genius!  

In the first half of this year I was so focussed on doing MORE that I would get up and open ALL the tabs in my browser and then beat myself up about not getting all the things done. 

Now when I sit down to work I know what I need to get done, do it, and then move on.

THANK YOU Aerlie! It feels so strange to be achieving more while working less hours. But I am so much more balanced and really looking forward to spending more time with you. x

Lizzie Carrol, Cairns Birth Passionista

Register for $39 (AUD)


Having Aerlie’s systems perspective of my business was great! She provided new ideas on how I could work more efficiently, be better at long term planning and working smarter.

She helped me to move through some blocks around technology based systems which were holding me back in my busy Practice. This was a game changer!

Aerlie is very calm, grounded and patient!. She states things clearly and in a way that is helpful. She has great systems knowledge. 

Now I feel more confident and am finally more systemised.

Amanda Freeman, Inspire Natural Therapies

Systems and Scaling Business Strategist

Aerlie Wildy

Hi I’m AerlieI'm an Online Organisation Coach and Systems Strategist.I help women in business get organised and set up systems so that you can spend more time working ON your business, instead of feeling stuck IN your business.I specialise in these 5 areas:❤️   Managing yourself and your time❤️   Managing your information❤️   Managing your clients❤️   Managing your systems❤️   Managing others and outsourcingCheck out my website for more information'm also a Certified Evernote Consultant and provide training and coaching in business tools such as Asana, Trello, Dubsado (a CRM) and others.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome! Start here

    • Welcome

  • 2

    Asana Cheat Sheet

    • Asana Terminology

  • 3

    Zoom link

    • Zoom link

  • 4

    Day 1: A Tour around Asana

    • Homework Day 1: Create 2 new projects

    • Day 1: A tour around Asana

  • 5

    Day 2: Project Types, Calendars & Due Dates

    • Homework Day 2: Assign Tasks, Due Dates & Sync Calendar

    • BusinessHQ_2

    • How to Sync Asana with your Calend

  • 6

    Day 3: My Tasks & Your Structure

    • BusinessHQ_3

    • Homework Day 3: Customise My Tasks and add more to your HQ

  • 7

    Day 4: Q&A

    • BusinessHQ_4

    • Day 4 Summary

  • 8

    Day 5: How to Manage your Asana

    • BusinessHQ_5

    • Pom Planner

    • Day 5: Making it all work for you