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Does the tech side of setting up your client onboarding scare you?

Is your business ready for streamlining your new clients - even if you're not??

Access the Streamlined Clients Videos and set up your Client Onboarding so that you can set and forget!
Well - actually - so that you can have more time for everything else.

This short program provides you with 4 DEMO videos.

You'll learn
- How to set up your payment gateway so that your clients can click and pay
PayPal & Stripe demonstrated

- How to set up your online scheduler, so that your clients can click and book in
Acuity & Calendly demonstrated

- How to set up an Online Form so that your clients can give you a clearer understanding of what they need - in their words.
GoogleForms & Typeform demonstrated

- How to set up other integrations to make programs talk to other programs using triggers.
(This is tech talk for making it all smooth, and easy for you to use!) demonstrated

Buy Now: $85
(Content available from 19 June)
4 Videos
& Learn how to set up and use 7 Online Tools

You probably have a system, but it relies on you remembering to to everything.

These videos will streamline your whole Client Onboarding process.

It's aimed specifically at entrepreneurs who provide a service and require online payments, online scheduling, reminders, and additional integrations to save time.

It's time to systemise your client onboarding. You'll be done in 2 - 3 hours

Buy Now: $85

(Content available from 19 June)
4 Videos
& Learn how to set up and use 7 Online Tools

Before working with Aerlie, I really had to weigh up the Cost v Benefit, as I was only really breaking even. I was a mess and out of whack, and struggled to figure out my priorities let alone actually manage my time to get things done.
Now I’m a lot more organised, yet also a lot more flexible. I have clarity, I feel organised and on top of my workload.
I can manage information and clients on the go and log and track information as it comes in. My jobs are all organised electronically and accessible on any device, as a result of Aerlie's knowledge of the systems and platforms available that suited my business and life.

Aerlie gave me great insight to be able to work smarter not harder.

Lauren Guerin, Bloomfield Floral Design

Systems and Scaling Business Strategist

Aerlie Wildy

Hi I’m AerlieI'm an Online Organisation Coach and Systems Strategist.I help women in business get organised and set up systems so that you can spend more time working ON your business, instead of feeling stuck IN your business.I specialise in these 5 areas:❤️   Managing yourself and your time❤️   Managing your information❤️   Managing your clients❤️   Managing your systems❤️   Managing others and outsourcingCheck out my website for more information'm also a Certified Evernote Consultant and provide training and coaching in business tools such as Asana, Trello, Dubsado (a CRM) and others.

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    Payment Gateways

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    Online Scheduling

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