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Are your ready to save time and make life easier for your new clients?

Would you love a streamlined system that managed all of your new clients' questions and processes?

Now you can create your own Welcome Package and Onboarding Systems with:

Welcome Your New Clients
Create your own Welcome Email using my template and workbook.

This workbook will help you create a Welcome Package that

a) answers all of the FAQ's your clients ask

b) map out 'where to from here' so they know what to do next

c) what your scope of works is

d) the boundaries and expectations you want to establish

e) the process for re-scheduling and cancelling appointments

f) how they can communicate with you

g) anything else you need to let them know

Manage your Clients with this New Client Template in Asana.

I'll give you a template and How-To instructions to set up and automate New Client Project in Asana.

By the end of this DIY course, you will have

  • A Welcome Package that answers your client's FAQ's, sets expectations and shows them what to do next

  • A New Client Project Template in Asana, that will allow you to manage the whole client journey - consistently

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You will receive

The Welcome Package Template

The Welcome Package Workbook

The Asana New Client Template & Instructions

Before I met Aerlie, I was overloaded and over committed, trying to do too many things in limited time.
I wanted to be guided into change and not dictated about what I should do and how to do it, but to explore new ways to work and be organised, and Aerlie was a perfect fit.

Aerlie is so approachable & patient.
I feel the self imposed pressure has come off my shoulders
and I now look at one thing at a time and get it done.

Aerlie showed me that over-commitment actually hampers my delivery,
and the softness and certainty of how she works is attractive.
I am simply more productive now.

Alison Hawkins Kinesiology

Buy Now: $39

You will receive

The Welcome Package Template

The Welcome Package Workbook

The Asana New Client Template & Instructions

Systems and Scaling Business Strategist

Aerlie Wildy

Hi I’m AerlieI'm an Online Organisation Coach and Systems Strategist.I help women in business get organised and set up systems so that you can spend more time working ON your business, instead of feeling stuck IN your business.I specialise in these 5 areas:❤️   Managing yourself and your time❤️   Managing your information❤️   Managing your clients❤️   Managing your systems❤️   Managing others and outsourcingCheck out my website for more information'm also a Certified Evernote Consultant and provide training and coaching in business tools such as Asana, Trello, Dubsado (a CRM) and others.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome & Instructions

  • 2

    Welcome Package

    • Welcome Package Template

    • Welcome Package Workbook

  • 3

    New Client Management

    • Asana New Client Set Up